LUNEBURG, William Winchester Lord 1a

Birth Name LUNEBURG, William Winchester Lord
Gramps ID I2939
Gender male
Age at Death 29 years, 8 months, 2 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
    21 MAY 2013 06:48:26 GMT -0500
Birth 1184-04-11 Winchester, Hampshire, England  
Death 1213-12-13    

Age: 29

Occupation     Hertug av Brunswick


    Family of LUNEBURG, William Winchester Lord and DANMARK, Helene VALDEMARSDTR. av [F1507]
Married Wife DANMARK, Helene VALDEMARSDTR. av [I2938]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1202-07-00    
Type Value Notes Sources
RIN MH:F1507
_UID 35105EEA-B31D-4EEB-AF56-C1367CD664B5


Type Value Notes Sources
RIN MH:I2939
_UID 5EA31495-3F1B-462C-9A81-BEB6BE4A2178


    1. LUNEBURG, William Winchester Lord
      1. DANMARK, Helene VALDEMARSDTR. av [I2938]

Source References

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        William Winchester Lord LuneburgGender: MaleBirth: Apr 11 1184 - Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandMarriage: July 1202Death: Dec 13 1213 - Luneburg, Brunswick, Thueringen, GermanyFather: Heinrich von Sachsen (born Saxony)Mother: Princess Matilda Plantagenet, [PrincessWife: Helene Valdemarsdottir Denmark

  2. No title - ID S0065 [S0065]
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      • Confidence: Very Low